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Better Life | DISH IT OUT™ Natural Dish Liquid 22 oz

  • Easy Rinsing. pH Balanced. Sulfate-Free.

    Tough on grease, gentle on hands.  You know it because it is sulfate free (SLS/SLES).  No more dry, irritated hands from doing dishes.  Ditch the gloves and still get that squeaky clean you love

    SURFACES: Pamper your pots and delight your dishes with Dish It Out.

    DIRECTIONS: Squirt Dish It Out onto your toughest, greasiest jobs for a clean that can’t be beat. Enjoy fast, easy rinsing with no harmful residues. Squirt into a sink filled with water for a bubbly bliss.

    SCENT: Naturally scented using only essential oils of Clary Sage & Citrus.

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